Workbook for a High School in the Lower East Side
Our team had to design a book for a public high school in the Lower East Side in New York, teaming up with a kid from the High School. The topic of the class was Man vs Mob.
This is one of the spreads I came up with addressing some of the questions you might have “inside of you” concerning Man vs Mob. Right page is the interactive part, where the students could draw/write themselves:
Jeffrey, the kid I worked with, came up with this tagline, which we turned it into this:
We decided to do some screen-printed t shirts with some of the designs. One of them was mine and Jeffrey's:
The spread below is a first draft:
Besides, to introduce ourselves and get familiar with the topic we did a short video clip. At first I was a bit afraid that it might be too harsh as all the others videos were one the funnier side, which was good. However, the students liked the approach. Maybe bit depressing (or even the opposite!?)

Idea: the nail, which's sticking out will be forced down to be conform - so be strong!

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